Battle Oxygen Lip Protector Mouthguard with Convertible Strap – Football and Sports Mouth Guard – Maximum Oxygen Supply – Mouthpiece Fits With or Without Braces – Impact Shield Covers Lips and Teeth

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Battle Oxygen Convertible Strap Mouthguard

There is no substitute. The Battle Oxygen is the original patented mouthpiece delivering a new standard in comfort, protection and performance on the football field. Designed and developed by athletic, dental and medical experts, the convertible strap mouth guard is an advanced composite impact absorber shield specifically designed to protect the lips, mouth and teeth.

Maximum Breathability

The Battle Oxygen mouth guard delivers superior airflow and better performance. The patented open mouthpiece design leverages SCUBA breathing innovations, which delivers more oxygen to the muscles for faster recovery, clearer thinking and faster reaction times on the football or sports field, play after play. The Oxygen has the largest breathing hole on the market – ideal for serious football players and other athletes looking for a competitive edge in their sports.

Easy Fit - No Boiling

Boiling is a thing of the past. Just put the Battle Oxygen lip protector in your mouth, bite down and you’re good to go. One size fits most, and the mouthguard fits easily over braces, protecting both the teeth and lips. The mouth shield is backed by a $5,000 dental warranty - with or without braces - along with an unlimited defective guarantee.

Battle- The Highest Standard of Sports Safety

Here at Battle, we know the feeling well. Former athletes and now passionate weekend warriors, we know all too well the agony that sports injuries can bring. By blending cutting-edge science with a keen understanding of the athlete, we produce some of the finest sports safety equipment anywhere, and will continue to push the envelope to make sports safer in the days to come.
  • SPORT SAFETY: This advance composite football mouthguard provides full lip, mouth and teeth protection when you need it most, for confidence and peace of mind on the battle field.
  • MAXIMUM BREATHABILITY: With the largest breathing hole on the market, the mouth guard delivers oxygen to the muscles for stamina and performance.
  • NO BOILING: Easy to fit and comfortable to wear, the mouthpiece is suitable for athletes with or without braces on their teeth; also one size fits most – just bite down and you’re set.
  • DENTAL GUARANTEE: The high performance convertible strap mouth guard has an unlimited defective guarantee, and a 5K dental warranty, with or without braces.
  • BATTLE: As former athletes, we understand the importance of tough, durable sports safety equipment you can trust, and use cutting-edge science and on field experience to provide it.

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