Blue Orange Games Piece of Pie Board Game - New Kids and Family Strategy and Math Game for 2 to 4 Players. Recommended for Ages 8 & up



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It’s time to piece together the perfect pie! Each turn, take your pick of one of the available pie pieces and then add it to your personal pie. Pick the pieces that match the recipes on display, and don’t forget the decorations! Piece of pie is a deliciously themed drafting game
  • STRATEGY MATH BOARD GAME: This deliciously themed drafting game is perfect for kids to develop their math and strategy skills and for families to have a fun game night! Develop your skills by picking available pie pieces and putting together your own personal pie!
  • CHILDRENS OR FAMILY GAME: This 2 to 4 player deliciously inspired game can be enjoyed by children ages 8 and up trying to improve their strategy skills, or as a family to battle for the best pie!
  • HOW TO PLAY: Piece of Pie gives players unique objectives which tell them which type of pie will score them more points. Each turn, pick one of the available pie pieces and add it to your personal pie. Your must plan ahead and deny your opponents their perfect pieces, while skillfully assembling your own!
  • INCLUDES 32 Pie pieces, 19 Objective cards, 1 Decorations card, 14 Recipe cards, 4 Perfect pie cards, Starting token, Rules

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