Brain Quest 4th Grade Q&A Cards: 1,500 Questions and Answers to Challenge the Mind. Curriculum-based! Teacher-approved! (Brain Quest Decks)

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It's Fun to be Smart!

Curriculum-based, but infused with a spirit of fun. Vetted by a panel of award-winning teachers, loved by kids, and trusted by parents because it simply works. And entertains, too! BRAIN QUEST opens a world of information and education to all kids aged 2–12.

BRAIN QUEST WORKBOOKS are available for Pre-K through Grade 6. Like all BRAIN QUEST products, the content aligns with national and state standards and is overseen by the Brain Quest Advisory Board, a panel of award-winning educators.

Clear, interactive, colorful, and varied, BRAIN QUEST WORKBOOKS are jam-packed with curriculum- based activities, exercises, games, and challenges. And the workbooks for Grades Pre-K through 4 include stickers and a pull-out poster! Grades 5 and 6 include a Brain Quest Mini-Deck.

In Praise of BRAIN QUEST

Stay Summer Smart—Stop Summer Slump!

Part workbook, part game, and part adventure, SUMMER BRAIN QUEST is a series of summer workbooks designed to make summer learning fun. And to keep kids sharp for when they go back to school!

In seven titles, covering Pre-K through Grade 6, SUMMER BRAIN QUEST covers math, science, social studies, and English language arts—but also offers outdoor activities, achievement stickers, and a summer reading list.

In this series, learning is designed as a flexible game that can be approached from different directions to suit any student. (Educators call this “personalized learning.”) How? Each book includes a trifold map with different learning paths that show progress and give feedback. Kids feel supported and confident in what they’re doing and excited to choose their next step—even on summer vacation!

In Praise of BRAIN QUEST

A Fast-Paced Question-and-Answers Game!

This is where it all started and continues today: the BRAIN QUEST DECK! A fast-paced question-and-answer challenge that says It’s Fun to Be Smart!, BRAIN QUEST quizzes kids on the stuff they need to know, when they need to know it. Kids can play it anywhere, anytime—in the car, by the pool, on the beach, with friends or parents or all by themselves. It helps them review what they learned in their last grade and preview their next one.

BRAIN QUEST DECKS are available for ages 2–12. Each deck includes hundreds of curriculum-based questions and answers, which are vetted by a panel of award-winning teachers. Also available are single-subject decks covering Math, Reading, America, Presidents, and a very special BRAIN QUEST FOR THE CAR.

In Praise of BRAIN QUEST

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