Cloud Defensive LCS Switch Mount Plate for Surefire ST07 MLOK Black



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The Light Control System exists to hard-mount tape switches to
the rail and to ensure that there is good cable management as well. Historically, the two weak-links with a tape switch have been poor mounting and loose cables that represent a significant liability to the end user. The LCS is machined aluminum mount that properly secures and protects the tape switch.

Light Control System MLOK

Cloud Defensive

As a company, we demand things work better

We do not compromise on performance.

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Switch Plate Mount

Secure way to mount your Surefire ST07 tape switch.

Nothing gets in the way

Switch not included

Flexible Mounting Options-Early

Works great on a Ruger 1022

Flexible Mounting Options-Full

Works great on other Rifles

Machined Aluminum

Machined slot for the tape switch

Precision Fit

Use the entire switch

Streamlined Protection

Protect the cable, no snags

MLOK Mounting

Flexible MLOK mounting

Switch not included
  • This makes your Scout light better, it hides the tape switch cable so you can focus on the light
  • Freedom to mount anywhere left or right handed with less or more slack on your Surefire tape switch
  • Use your entire tape switch there will be no zip ties or duct tape getting in the way
  • The most secure way to mount your switch for Surefire ST07 and keep the cable out of the way
  • In the Box: switch mount plate and all hardware, mounting plate made from aluminum and mill spec anodized

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