Creativity Street Barrel of Colossal Craft Kit, Assorted Sizes



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Spectra Glitter Sparkling Crystals

All that glitters is gold...and red, silver, iridescent and a variety of other colors too! Spectra Glitter Sparkling Crystals are high-quality and are the perfect addition to any art project.

Creativity Street Pom Pons

So many uses for these colorful and versatile Creativity Street Pom Pons. Give texture and dimension to any project! Wreaths flowers, wearables and more, kids are limited by only their imagination. Great for seasonal and holiday projects, these plush poms come in a variety of sizes, vibrant colors and patterns.

Creativity Street Wiggle Eyes

They say eyes are the window to the soul, so bring some soul to your art and craft projects! With so many different eyes to choose...from oval, holographic, painted and with or without lashes... you're sure to find the perfect pair.

Creativity Street Chenille Stems

The sky's the limit when using our Creativity Street Chenille Stems! For the classroom or home, these versatile, colorful stems have 101 uses. Choose from a variety of options including sparkle, spiral, striped or bump to create ferocious animals, beautiful flowers or anything in between.

Creativity Street Craft Essentials

Take your art and craft projects to the next level with Creativity Street Craft Essentials! Feathers, beads, felt, sequins, papier maché, craft rocks and more will take your project from good to great! No craft supply cabinet is complete without these unique let their imaginations run wild!

Spectra Deluxe Bleeding Art Tissue

Create unique and fun projects with Spectra Deluxe Bleeding Art Tissue! Wet with a brush and wash beautiful, translucent color onto the paper. Overlap two colors and watch them blend. Or, add glue to the water to hold specific shapes in place and create magnificent, multi-layered effects.

Trait-tex Yarn

Trait-tex offers a broad line of yarn products for a variety of uses. An assortment of weights, textures and colors of yarn will accommodate most educational and craft needs.

Creativity Street Wood Crafts

Fuel the fire of creativity with Creativity Street Wood Crafts! With a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and applications, these wood crafts can spark their imagination to build projects, bridges, catapults and a castle worth defending. Our wood crafts are the perfect base material for models, sculptures or anything else for rich imaginations...just add some Prang paints, markers and glue to complete the masterpiece.

We are now Dixon Ticonderoga Company.

Pacon and Dixon Ticonderoga have joined forces because we believe in helping every artist, student and teacher achieve their full potential. We do this because we believe creativity can change the world. This is why we produce the world’s best pencil, the finest art papers, premium art supplies, craft essentials and more…to give everyone the tools and confidence to put pencil to paper, make that first brush stroke or share their ideas. Dixon Ticonderoga Company. The Catalyst of Creativity.
  • Includes modeling clay, clay cutters, pom pons, feathers, chenille stems, wiggle eyes, buttons and glitter glue pens
  • Also wonderfoam shapes, sequins, spangles, glitter poms, pony beads, rainbow cord, wonderfoam sheets and jumbo craft sticks
  • Made of non-toxic material

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