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Full-color photo cards include 10 subject cards, 5 blank cards, and 1 title card. Also includes a 2-page activity guide. The daily schedule pocket chart is a handy management tool designed to help students read, understand, and follow a classroom schedule. You can change the times and rearrange the cards in the pockets to reflect day-to-day schedule changes. In addition, you can use the pocket chart and schedule cards to do the suggested activities In this resource guide.
  • Durable nylon pocket chart (13’ x 33”) with 14 see-through pockets
  • 10 write-on/wipe-off schedule cards, 5 blank cards, and 1 title card (Each card 10-3/4" X 2")
  • Plastic Dowel rod stitched inside Each pocket chart for stability
  • Reinforced grommets
  • Flame retardant

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