Easy to Conceal Covert Nanny Spy Cam DV U-Disk Hidden Surveillance DVR

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MicroSD Memory Cards - The SpyDrive records on convenient MicroSD memory card and accepts cards up to 32GB, allowing for ample video recording or file storage. Also a Portable USB Drive - In addition to being a convenient and covert spy camera, the SpyDrive can act as a portable thumb drive, storing your data on the MicroSD card inside the device. Compatible with Mac & Windows - Just hook it up to the computer and upload the .AVI videos for simple playback. The SpyDrive looks just like a nondescript USB thumb drive, but does a whole lot more. An integrated, covert, pinhole camera turns this thumb drive into a slick spy gadget. It’s a quick-action, self-contained recording device that catches the most candid moments without catching any unwanted attention. When you need to get great footage without raising eyebrows, you need a device that’s easy to operate and hides in plain sight. Whether you’re trying to catch bullies in the act, record subjects to make your case, or add a bit more security to your life, the SpyDrive is your go-to gadget. This covert pinhole camera looks and acts just like a USB thumb drive, and clips right onto your key ring. The easy quick-flip design lets it switch swiftly from a concealed device to an actively recording spy camera. The SpyDrive is a stealthy, fast-action gadget for gathering evidence under any circumstance.
  • Key ring Sized: At only 1.75 x 0.75 x 0.4 inches, the SpyDrive is impressively small for all its capabilities. With a key ring attachment built in, the SpyDrive can go with you anywhere, ready to record whenever you need it. It’s sturdy and shock resistant, and its pinhole camera doesn’t have any easily scratched lenses that require special care.
  • Built for Efficiency: The built-in lithium battery gets a full charge in just 2 hours and remains ready to record for weeks in standby mode. It can take lots of small bursts of footage or record for up to an hour nonstop on a single charge. Plus, you don’t need to turn the SpyDrive off after recording; after 1 minute in standby, it powers down automatically to conserve battery life.
  • High Quality Video and Audio: Despite its small size, the SpyDrive delivers big pictures and great sound. It records crisp 1280x960 resolution .AVI video at 30 frames per second and takes in audio at 22 kHz.
  • A Resourceful Gadget: The easy quick-flip design lets you flick open the lid, press to power, and start recording instantly. Appearing as an innocuous thumb drive, it’s much more subtle than using a smartphone or video camera. Subjects will never suspect they’re being filmed. Great for Private Investigators on the case, Bounty Hunters tracking a criminal, teens seeking proof of bullying, or added personal protection for anybody who needs it.
  • Monitor Employees and Guard Your Belongings: The SpyDrive will look like part of the scenery hanging out of the USB port on your computer, so you can leave it to record for seconds, minutes, or hours at a time, catching anybody who might poke through your things while you’re away from your desk. Add security to your office, your home, and everywhere in between.

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