ElectroFlip Video Camera Outside Animal Spy Cam Camouflaged Battery Operated

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The AcornTrail is an extra set of eyes out in the wild that remains vigilant around the clock. Built to withstand the elements, it can remain outside for months, catching your game on camera with motion and heat activated sensors. It’s easy to set up, easy to operate, and absolutely essential for serious hunters.The AcornTrail watches where you can’t, keeping tabs on your territory or tracking your game. It can be set on a tripod or attached to trees or rocks with its nylon strap. Video and still cameras rest securely inside, powered by 8 AA batteries. Motion and heat sensors detect a 100-degree field of view around the device and up to 65 feet away from it. 940nm LED night vision makes every shot crystal clear, day or night, unbeknownst to the subject. The AcornTrail easily handles extreme temperatures, is completely waterproof, and can last for months without needing new batteries. This is the ultimate tool to catch amazing wildlife shots without lifting a finger, and to let you know exactly what to look for on your next expedition.
  • Video Camera: The video camera records .AVI videos at 640x480 resolution on its standard setting but can also cut that in half, to 320x240, to save memory. On that setting, you’ll be able to stretch your MicroSDHC twice as far.
  • Night Vision: The AcornTrail also gets great shots at night, with 26 infared 940nm LED lights allowing it to see up to 65 feet in front of the lens. The infared lights are beyond human and animal vision, so they won’t alert the subjects.
  • Heat Sensor: The AcornTrail can automatically shoot video or still photos when the heat sensor is triggered. There are 3 settings for sensitivity: Low, Medium, and High. If you’re looking for small, quick creatures, try the high setting. To reduce the sensitivity for larger animals, try Medium or Low.
  • Waterproof and Weatherproof: The AcornTrail is secured with rubber gaskets to keep the batteries and electronics safe from moisture. It’s rated to handle extreme temperatures from -22° to 158°.
  • LCD Display: Review your footage instantly with a built-in 2.5” LCD screen. Protect it with a password if you don’t want others to see your footage.

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