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Loaded with facts, adventures and beauty, Our most popular award-winning game allows players to experience life as a ranch Hand or as a member of a wild herd as they move along an adventure-filled game board. Included is a deck of beautifully designed horse cards each with the name, breed, color, markings and biography of a fictional horse. Includes a solitaire game for solo play. Ages 8 and up, 2 to 4 players


Horses hold a magical appeal for children. This colorfully designed board game provides an exciting fantasy environment for two to six horse lovers. In the first game, players pretend to be wild mustang stallions galloping through mountains and valleys, gathering a herd to protect while facing such obstacles as cougars and bad weather. The first player to round up a herd wins. In two other games, players are ranchers rounding up strays and competing to fill out their herds. Players are sure to enjoy the in-depth educational information about horses and horse breeds that is included. This is a great game to saddle up when it's rainy on the ranch, providing enough challenge to play with parents as well as with friends. --Lee Strucker

Herd Your Horses Board Game

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  • Herd Your Horses allows you to experience life from the horse's or the rancher's point of view
  • What's Inside: 55 full-color horse cards, 4 horse playing pieces, 42 adventure cards, game board and die
  • Join the herd for 3 wild adventures. In each adventure, you will learn all about these beautiful animals while you play
  • Like all Aristoplay board games, Herd Your Horses! has multi-level play to keep the child challenged, but never overwhelmed
  • Learn to appreciate more than just the majestic beauty of these animals by meeting more than 50 horses
  • Booklet includes rules, information about horses, and a reading list
  • Each fully illustrated in color on jumbo playing cards

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