Kodak CyberTablet F8 Widescreen 8x5 Graphic Drawing Tablet


Size: 10x6 Graphic Drawing Tablet

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The Kodak Cyber Tablet F10 is an advanced graphic tablet that offers both PC and Mac users superior cursor control, greater productivity and higher efficiency. Perfect for art, business, presentations, and projects. The Kodak Cyber Tablet features 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity to imitate the subtleties of a brush stroke and other writing tools, while its multiple programmable hot keys provide various shortcuts to commonly used computer tasks. Plus, the drawing area allows increased precision and detail. This high quality graphic tablet is ideal for document annotation, free hand illustrations, graphic design, whiteboard presentations, or generally more precise cursor control. PC/Mac Compatible with: Adobe Photoshop up to CC, Adobe Illustrator 9 to CC, Adobe Photo Deluxe, Art Rage, INKSCAPE, Windows Ink, Corel Draw, Paint Shop Pro, Autodesk Sketchbook, Microsoft Office, Corel Photo Paint, Pixel Art Studio
  • 10″ x 6” Active Drawing Area
  • 8192 Levels of Pressure Sensitivity
  • 6 Customizable Shortcut Keys With Scroll Wheel
  • PC and Mac Compatible
  • Battery-Free Stylus

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