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When Easter Island was discovered nearly 300 years ago, the mysteries were why the statues were made and how they were moved. Today, the mystery shifts to where will they be moved? In Sneaky Statues of Easter Island, the goal is to line up your four Moai statues. Sounds simple, right? The twist is the statues must be played in numerical order so your opponent will know which will be your next move, just not where.

Cast Resin Statues

Each game comes with 8 solid cast statues

Educational Benefits of Game Play

Analytical Thinking

Strategic Thinking

Problem Solving/Planning

Reasoning/Critical Thinking

Creative Child Magazine Game of the Year

Rules for Game Play

To Begin

Objective: Be the first player to line up your four Moai statues in a straight line with no spaces in between.

Setup: Players choose who will play the odd-numbered statues and who will play the even-numbered statues.

The game begins with the game board (Easter Island) completely empty.

Play Continues

Statues are played in sequential order, so the player with the odd-numbered statues places statues number 1 anywhere on the island in one of the holes. N

ext, the player with even-numbered statues places the number 2 statue.P

layers continue to alternate turns placing their statues - number 3, then 4, and so on to number 8.


Once statue number 8 is placed, if there is not already a winner, players continue to alternate turns starting from number 1 through 8, sequentially moving each statue into a new location on the island.

Play continues in this pattern until one player is able to line up their four Moai statues with no spaces in between statues. That’s a win!


When it is a statue’s turn to be moved, it must be moved to a different space on the island. It cannot be picked up and placed back into the same space.

When lining up the statues for the win, they don’t have to end up in numerical order.

The dial can be used after each turn to signify which statue is to be played next.
  • You might just unlock the secrets of Easter Island when you play Sneaky Statues!
  • Be the first to outwit your rival and arrange your four mysterious statues together in a straight line and win.
  • In this game of sneaky strategy, players take turns moving eight “stone” Moai statues.
  • This scaled replica model of Easter Island is home to eight beautifully sculpted Moai resin statues standing ready to share the extraordinary
  • For 2 players, ages 8+

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