McDavid Custom Recovery Cold Pack Elastic Elbow Sleeve Compression Wrap with Reusable Ice Packs to Reduce Swelling

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Brand: McDavid


  • 4-way elastic material with custom-cold pack provides cold compression and stability of muscles, tendons and ligaments
  • Comfortable, form-fitting to stay active while wearing
  • Remove custom-cold pack and use as Sport Med sleeve when needed for added support and compression without heat retention
  • Ideal for acute and chronic injuries
  • Includes 1 reusable, and removable, custom-cold pack designed specifically for targeted pain relief

Details: We can't claim to have invented cold, but we certainly have innovated it. Our cold recovery line of elbow, knee and ankle sleeves are designed to be tossed into the freezer and strapped on to your joint, while you remain as mobile as you like. By using our exclusive Engineered Elastic, custom refreeze packets and unique vapor barrier, the recovery continues with compression once the ice has warmed.

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