READY 2 LEARN Naturals - Real Stones & Minerals - Over 210 Pieces for DIY Crafts, Rock Collections and Sensory Play - 11 Different Stones, Minerals and Crystals



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Inspire crafts and scientific discovery with this Natural Stones and Minerals kit! This rock collection box includes more than 210 individual pieces and 11 different types: River Pebbles, Polished Stones (black, white, assorted), Tiger's Eye, Gemstones, Amethyst Points, Amethyst Clusters, Iron Pyrite, 2 Agate slices (large and small). An ideal addition to sensory bin, little geologists will love to sort, classify and identify the various stone characteristics! Use this kit to start a rock collection and inspire kids to get out and find even more stones. This teaching aid assist with geological lessons and nurture a love of nature. These varying rocks and gems also make wonderful vase fillers and jewelry makers.
  • MORE THAN 210 PIECES -- This kit includes River Pebbles, Polished Stones (black, white, assorted), Tiger's Eye, Gemstones, Amethyst Points, Amethyst Clusters, Iron Pyrite and Agate slices
  • SENSORY PLAY SET IN STONE -- Little geologists will love to explore varying colors, textures, shapes and sizes. Add these natural manipulatives to sensory bins and learning stations
  • DIY HOME DECORATIONS -- This stunning collection of natural colors, textures and shapes can be used for table centerpieces, bathroom decor, framed art projects and even fish tank decorations
  • ASSIST SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERY -- With 11 different geological wonders in this kit, you can encourage children to learn about where they naturally occur
  • A MULTIPURPOSE CRAFT KIT -- Use this huge set of assorted stones to decorate fairy gardens, create jewelry, adorn mantlepieces or fill glass vases
  • NURTURE A LOVE OF NATURE -- An ideal resource for unstructured play, these stones inspire natural observation, inquiry and curiosity. Encourage kids to get outside and collect even more stones!
  • ENDLESS EXPLORATION -- This rock collection box inspires children to explore nature anywhere. Create rock identification activities or rock hunts on hikes, in the backyard or inside on a rainy day!

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