Reapr 11003 44 Inch Survival Spear| Hunting Spear useful for tactical, camping, hiking, defense situations | 8" Double Edge Spear Head | 36" Handle | Rubberized Blade Sheath | 2Cr13 Steel Cast Head

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Engage with the primal instincts of our ancestors using a REAPR 11003 Survival Spear. To wield the stainless-steel blade of our battle ready spear is to possess a survivalist’s tool that pierces, pries, impales, and breaches targets with the exactness and deft of a battle spear forged long ago. Decisively strike small and large game with the accuracy enhancing nylon-fiberglass shaft. Shorter than other similar spears, this hunting and outdoor gear gives you an exceptional close quarters tactical survival spear whose lightweight shaft enables fast decisive blocking movements. The weighted stainless-steel double-edged blade puts force where it counts in every thrust. You’ll find yourself wishing for a zombie apocalypse when utilizing our self defense spear. Not just hunting camping equipment or a survivalist’s tool, our fighting spear also makes an excellent recreational device. Strike makeshift targets accurately from a distance like stumps, downed trees, and hay in friendly competition or to relax. A grooved grip adds comfort and accuracy to your throw. Accidents happen when you don’t treat hunting survival gear with respect. They don’t call it a double-edged blade for nothing. Since safety is key, this spear with sheath comes with a stylish thermoplastic TPR rubberized snap sheath to keep accidents to a minimum. A hunting spear makes a great statement piece in your home or by your side. Adding this hunting spear to your hunting supplies or existing collection of spears will add a stylish modern touch to a rustic collection. The survival spear head measures 8 1/8 inches long and 11 mm in thickness. Our durable blade is 2Cr13 stainless steel and is a precision cast tactical spear head, excellent for sharpening. The 44 inch overall length of the functional spear and nylon-fiberglass handle with bolt reinforcement, makes this a perfect maneuverable close quarters spear self defense tool. Embrace your inner hunter with REAPR 11003 Survival Spear.
  • TRUE SURVIVALIST’S TOOL: Hunt as our ancestors did with a hunting spear made for piercing, prying, impaling, and breaching; Double edged stainless steel blade spear gives you the edge in self defense; Skewer targets with quality hunting equipment
  • ACCURATE THROWING SPEAR: Long spears are unwieldy throwing tools; Get our versatile and compact 44 inch throwing spear; REAPR spears have lightweight grooved nylon-fiberglass shafts making throwing and close quarters defense quick and decisive
  • DECORATION OR RECREATION: Walk softly and carry the perfect combat spear; Makes a statement on your wall or by your side; The stainless steel blade is an excellent recreational throwing tool; Pierce makeshift targets without damaging the blade
  • RESPECT THE BLADE: Accidents can happen without the right precautions; We’ve equipped the combat camping tool with a rubberized TPR snap sheath that’s tight on the metal spear head; Our double bladed spear is easily sharpened after multiple uses
  • SPEAR ATTRIBUTES: Spear’s 2Cr13 stainless steel precision cast head measures 8 1/8 inches long and 11 mm thick; Nylon-fiberglass handle is bolt reinforced and flexes to prevent damage to the defense spear; Overall REAPR spear length of 44 inches

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