Roylco Plastic Make-A-Mask Multi-Cultural Mask Forms, Clear, Set of 10

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Perfect for play and performance, Roylco's Multi-Ethnic Mask Forms feature people from around the globe. Asian, African-American, Inuit, Native American, and Caucasian masks represent the melting pot of society and help kids explore and learn about different cultures and traditions. Blank design is ready to incorporate any creative or traditional design elements that kids desire. Set of 10 is ready to be shared and mixed and matched around the classroom.
  • Plastic molds are sturdy, clear, and ready to decorate
  • Kids can design realistically for true multi-ethnic look or in exaggerated bold colors for fun
  • Can also serve as plaques or a fun presentation in class
  • Compatible to be filled with various materials such as plaster of Paris paper-mache or air dry clay

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