SABRE Personal Alarm with Motion Detector, Magnet & Key Ring – LOUD 120dB Alarm - Hear Up to 600’ (185m) Away


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Introducing the SABRE Personal Alarm with Motion Detection — a personal security alarm that provides active and passive protection against threats or intruders. Like others in the outstanding SABRE personal alarm portfolio, a LOUD 120dB alarm with a 600 foot (185m) range is activated by simply pulling the key chain pin from the unit. It alerts anyone within range of your distress and can even deter an attacker by making them think twice. In addition to actively triggering the alarm, this unit has the ability to arm it for motion-detection activation. Simply click it into motion sensing mode, place it with its magnetic back or steady stand base and it will monitor a 15 foot (4.67m), 120° arc for motion or intrusion. Ideal for use at home, a hotel room, dorm, or anywhere you want ‘eyes in the back of your head.’ Use it while studying, sleeping, to protect valuables from theft, or alert you to children approaching a potentially dangerous area like a stairwell or obstruction. Amplify your call for help with the SABRE Personal Alarm with Motion Detection – a powerful new addition to the SABRE arsenal of personal protection and security equipment.
  • PROTECTION INDOORS AND OUT – great for use while sleeping, traveling, and can even alert you if someone approaches a valuable or potentially dangerous item
  • PROTECTION ON THE GO – simply pull the pin and a 120-dB alarm with keychain attachment offers attention grabbing sound when you feel threatened — alert anyone up to 600 feet away
  • EASY TO MOUNT – powerful built-in magnet can attach to metal door or furniture providing an extra level of security from intrusion or theft. Parents can use to alert you if children approach a dangerous area like a stairwell or stove
  • LIKE EYES IN THE BACK OF YOUR HEAD – with an up to 120° motion sensor arc, the alarm can be activated to detect movement and alert you if someone ‘sneaks up’ on you while sleeping, studying, etc.
  • VERSATILITY AND EFFECTIVENESS – a useful alarm for multiple situations, the SABRE Personal Alarm with Motion Detector provide powerful protection and deterrence in a compact, versatile package. Great for travel!

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