The 60 Day GPS Tracker for Car Truck Boat or Cargo

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Specifically designed with Joe the Plumber in mind, the iTrack 2.0 is easier to use than a cell phone and cheaper to operate than most GPS services on the market. There aren’t any “special” codes to memorize and you won’t need to take any college-level computer courses to learn how to use it. If you can use Google or Yahoo maps, you’ll find where your iTrack 2.0 is – quickly and accurately. Oh and… It can last you up to 1 year powered by it’s Hi-Cap battery.
  • 6 Month Battery Life: The iTrack 2.0 comes equipped with a long life Lithium-Ion battery that last up to 6 months on a single charge and 1 year in deep sleep mode (Yes! 1 year). Yet it takes only 7 hours to recharge (12 hours for the first use).
  • Amplified GPS & Cellular Antennas: If you're looking for stonger reception in rural areas, these antennas will amplify the signal by more than double the average tracking devices capabilities.
  • Multiple Tracking Modes: You have the option of setting your iTrack 2.0 to report its location as often as every 10 seconds or every 4 hours – it depends on how often you want the iTrack 2.0 to report its precise location. You can also use the On Demand tracking feature – the iTrack 2.0 only reports its location when prompted – to extend battery life.
  • Motion Activated : The iTrack 2.0 can be programmed to start reporting down to every 10 seconds while in motion. This feature is extremely useful if you own a fleet of plumber’s vans or if you just want to know where Timmy is going with your car. The iTrack 2.0 will automatically return to Hibernate mode when not in motion.
  • Protection: No GPS unit would be complete without a waterproof case and a way to mount it, that’s why the iTrack 2.0 system includes a water-tight case and a magnetic mount for external vehicle caching.

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