The Incredible Vacuum Chamber - DIY Science Kits for Kids with 20+ Experiments - Educational Physics & Chemistry Stem Toy Set - Cultivate The Little Scientist's Skills - Gift for Kids Ages 8-12



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Science To The Max By Be Amazing! Toys Are Introducing The Best Kids’ Vacuum Chamber Kit!

Kids learn through play. And to hone an inquiring mind’s scientific skill, a well-designed and quality crafted vacuum chamber kit is essential.

It will help your budding scientist take his first steps in the world of science, grasp the essentials of pressure – which is so hard to explain in the physics class – and spend creative time alone or with his peers.

With the help of the air pump, the air is removed from the chamber, leaving it empty and causing strange things to happen. Ordinary objects like water or marshmallows turn to act differently – and the magic trip begins.

Parents, Surprise Your Little Scientist!

In search of an educational gift for your little boy or girl’s birthday, Christmas or New Year? How about a fascinating vacuum chamber kit that will thrill your little budding scientist!

And The Best Part?

All your child needs to perform 20+ stunning experiments are included in the box- and in your kitchen drawers!

What You Get:

2 x Beakers

2 x Pipettes

1 x Bell Jar

1 x Pump With Base

1 x Base Plate

1 x Air Stopper

1 x Hose With Check Valves

2 x Latex Balloons

3 x Fizzy Tints

Step By Step Detailed Instructions

Easy To Perform:

Designed for children aged 8 years or older, our kit will challenge their mind, improve their critical thinking and increase their patience and perseverance, without discouraging them.

Not to be used by children except under adult supervision.

Air & Air Pressure are in balance all around you, but what happens when you change that balance?!

Spend Quality Time As A Family:

Join forces with your children, to perform the experiments and feel bursting with pride every time they work!

Immerse in a creative activity on a relaxed Sunday or on holidays.

Chemistry & Physics combine with amazing results in the Incredible Vacuum Chamber!

Let Them Perform Their Tricky Tricks At Home

All kids love experimenting with new things. Simple, everyday materials like water, food coloring or cooking oil are used to explore the physical phenomena occurring in vacuum conditions – and impress little boys and girls.

Amazing Experiments, Easily Performed

We created our small vacuum lab kit especially for young kids aged 8 and more, to match the difficulty level of the experiments carried out in the classroom. The tricks are designed to trigger their curiosity in the physical phenomena, encouraging them to go deeper into the science secrets and therefore improve their classroom performance, too.

The Best Gift Idea

In this way, our kit makes an excellent educational gift for any occasion. Offer it to your son, daughter, grandchild or pupil and enjoy their ear-to-ear smile!

Blow Up A Balloon Inside The Chamber

Blow up the balloon with water, rub some oil over the outside, pump the air out of the chamber and watch the balloon suck into the vial!

Develop Your Kid’s Skills

Help your little boy or girl develop an interest in science, boost their observation, patience and combining skills – the fun way!

All Materials Needed Are Here

Everything necessary for the experiments, is included in the box. For the rest, just look into the fridge or the kitchen drawer!

A Fantastic Gifting Idea

This Incredible Vacuum Chamber will make a perfect gift for at any kids Birthday, Christmas,or on any special day.
  • ✅ ENTERING THE FASCINATING WORLD OF SCIENCE: Help your budding scientist explore the principles of physics and chemistry with an air extractor kit, specially designed for curious boys and girls 8 years old or more.
  • ✅ UNLOCKING THE MYSTERIES OF AIR PRESSURE: The air extraction tube in the vacuum pot introduces young scientists to the amazing science world, the fun way. Children play, while honing their observation and patience skills.
  • ✅ KIDS LEARN THROUGH 20 MIND-BLOWING EXPERIMENTS: Watch your kids have the fun of their lives blowing up a balloon inside the chamber, making marshmallows expand and performing tricks in the comfort of their room.
  • ✅ THRILL A LUCKY CHILD: Original, creative and made with quality materials, this little lab kit makes an excellent gifting idea for all occasions. Offer it as a kids birthday, Christmas or holiday gift and impress a loved child.
  • ✅ BREATH-TAKING FUN FOR THE WHOLE GANG: Ideal for sleepovers, birthday parties, playdates, rainy Sunday afternoons or family game nights, our vacuum chamber science kit for kids will become an instant hit!

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