Time Timer MAX — Extra-Large 17" Visual Analog Timer, 8-Duration Settings, Interchangeable Faces, Optional Alert, No Loud Ticking — for Kids Classroom Homeschooling and Teacher Tool (Black)



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Proven for 25 years to be a globally recognized time management resource. Designed to show the passage of time using the signature colored disk. As time elapses, the colored disk disappears in a graphic, clear way - making common routines at work, school and home stress-free and enjoyable. The Time Timer MAX is the largest Time Timer to date! At 17 inches square, this timer allows everyone to see the original red disk counting down. But size isn't the only reason we call it the MAX. It's also eight timers in one - with customizable durations and interchangeable timer faces, the MAX can be set as low as 5 minutes, or as high as 24 hours. The flexibility in hanging options as well as the kickstand allows you to choose the best location for the timer. The included set markers or time dividers allow you to divide your schedule into manageable chunks to keep you moving through the day. The Time Timer MAX is the perfect solution for keeping any activity on time, even if it lasts all day. Easy to use: 1. ) Choose the timer face according to your timing need. 2. ) Next, on the back of the timer, select one of the 8 durations on the time duration dial to match the total length of time represented on your selected timer face or dry erase face. 3. ) Select your preferred sound-level for the alert located on the back of the MAX (silent, moderate or loud). 4. ) Last, set the red disk: Turn the center knob on the front of the timer counterclockwise. Automatically, the timer begins to countdown. The disk will disappear in a clockwise direction. When the red disk is gone, time is up.
  • TIME MANAGEMENT — The extra-large dial timer helps to stay on track of activities, assists with time organization and productive learning. The visual timer boosts mindset growth and improves schedule management ideal for classroom, gym and home settings
  • SPECIAL NEEDS — The visual timer encourages organization and productivity for all ages, including those with autism, ADHD or other learning disabilities. The countdown timer enables a visual schedule to anticipate transition between rotating times
  • EASY TO USE — The visual timer consists of 8-duration settings. It includes 3 double sided timer faces — 5 and 15-minutes, 30 and 60-minutes, and 120-minutes with dry erase timer face. Three optional time dividers to ease rotating transition activities
  • OPTIONAL AUDIBLE ALERT — The countdown clock provides an optional alarm feature that signals when a time interval ends, ideal for learning activities such as reading, cooking, and working out
  • PRODUCT DETAILS — The countdown timer is 17 x 17 inches with 8-duration settings on the back. It includes 3 two-sided faces and a dry erase face, 3 colored-time dividers, and 1 bracket mount and kickstand. The timer requires 2-C batteries (not included)

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