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Guillotine Trimmer

Guillotine Trimmers

The trimmers from Westcott are the perfect combination of design and performance. Featuring the contemporary design that Westcott is famous for, this guillotine will deliver unparalleled performance.


Proprietary blade technology keeps the blade sharper longer. We feature a range of technologies from CarboTitanium, to Titanium Bonded to stainless steel. Allowing the ability to easily slice through multiple sheets of 20lb paper at a time.

Developed for Reliability

Contemporary design featuring a natural wood base or plastic base. Always making sure comfort and safety are first, featuring a safety guard for added protection and an ergonomic handle for ease of use.

Westcott: An American Brand Since 1872

With over 150 years of history, Westcott has proven its reliability time and again by providing customers around the world with exceptional cutting and measuring tools. Westcott combines knowledge, skills, and methods developed since 1872 with one of the latest technology to create one of the best products available. Revolutionary coating and cutting technology has made our patented Titanium Bonded Scissors the most popular around the globe. We not only make sure our scissors perform to the highest standard but we also integrate our technology into the blades of our sharpeners, paper trimmers, and craft tools. A majority of Westcott products feature coating technology that provides protection, resilience, durability and strength.
  • Carbotitanium blade is 8x harder than steel
  • Cuts 30 sheets of 20 lb. Paper
  • Safety guard for added protection
  • Ergonomic handle for comfort
  • 15 Year

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